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This is our custom middle finger candle scented with the aroma of lavender and Cedarwood, to help relax you while you tell the haters to "wick off!!"


- Each Candle comes with a Wick off logo sticker of your choice

"Wick Off" - Middle Finger

SKU: 0001
Logo Sticker
  • This candle stand 5 inches tall and approximetely 3 inches wide. It is made in a mold with a soy wax blend. 

    Please note: This is meant to be more a decor item. If intending to burn please place on a heat resist surface to catch the wax as it drips. This candle was made from a 3D print, and hand cast therefore imperfections on the surface can arise.

  • I gladly accept most returns and exchanges, see FAQ for more information. 

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